Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time is running out

As you may recall, I have mentioned before that my co-worker, Tim Sandlin, is also the founder behind the Jackson Hole Writer's Conference as well as the Executive Director behind the Jackson Hole Writers. So I knew from the start I would never have to go 'searching' for information on the Conference- it would find me. And it did. Two days ago. Tim came to work with a stack on brochures, and when I took one I realize the Conference has been fully planned.

 Want to see? Check out their website at: 

And what have I been doing? Have I been writing? Well yes. But have I been writing to prepare for the conference? No. I have been writing for my other craft/review/giveaway blog, SaMiE Designs. The blog is actually only one part of an entire brand, so I have been working on making product and setting up a social media consulting business. All fine and dandy except for the part where I HAVE NOT BEEN WRITING FOR THE DIRTY ROAD OR THE CONFERENCE!

Until now. Last night I had one thought. That thought to another. Then that one led to another. Then that led to the dark side. Okay, not really. But it did lead me to a new idea. A new book. A new kind of book. (Well, for me at least.) Originally I was thinking of fiction. I had quite a few ideas on that. We all remember the Cerulean Tale, right? Perfect example. A comment on society in honor of my favorite books of all time- 1984, Brave New World, and Anthem. Down side-I'm not really drawing from personal experience in my recent writing.

Until I realized I wasn't following the cardinal rule of writing: Write what you know. So, without giving away the surprise, let's just say that from now on, (or at least for the conference) I will be following that rule.

And for this new idea I have exactly one piece written. So I better get a move on if I ever plan to have it in time. Thus, I will have to leave you at this so I can get to this:

Be back soon. I promise this time.
Also-I'd also like to say in reference to this new idea right now "I'm sorry" to my mom and dad.


  1. Saya dari indonesia.. salam kenal yah.. semoga sukses.:)

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