Wednesday, July 6, 2011

By george...I think she's got it..

So I haven't posted in a little over a week. This does not mean I have forgotten about writing. To the contrary, my friend. Oh, quite so.

I have had a lot to do this week, two children's birthdays, work and school to name a few. However, I have been writing. And thinking about writing. I have been trying to figure out what I want to start working on for next year's writers conference. And...after much deliberation...I think I finally have it.

I still have to iron out the plot, but at least I've got a starting point. I am quite excited about it. The first thing I have to figure out is my main character. This is my dilemna: the story would work better if the main character was a male. I, obviously, am not. And I have never written from a male perspective. I am worried that it would not be authentic, that it might detract from the story if it were not written very precisely. Rock->Me<-Hard Spot.  I'll update you when I have figured it out.

A funny thing happened on the writing this blog. The day after I started this blog, I was asked by my work to write the blog on their official website. I was very honored...and the request. Of course I took them up on the offer and posted the first entry last week, you can find it by going to:

Well, I know this is short, but unfortunately, this will be all for today. I mixed up the starting date for my classes, so I am a week behind and need to get caught up ASAP.

It was fun, let's do this again....say...Saturday? See you then!

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