Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Cerulean Tale...part 2


Of course, there had always been a slight uprising against my kind, although it wasn’t until 15 years ago that the Royals succeeded in pushing all the Indigos and Ceruleans out of political office, whether through fixed voting, or assassination. The most memorable event for me was when Tais Dappe was assassinated, on the Eve of Sariah, the holiest of days. He was a life long advocate for Ceruleans. A half Indigo half Cerulean mix, he was the Royals worst enemy because his devotees were from both races. The news of his death spread quickly the day of Sariah. We all mourned the loss of our leader, and the day was marked as Hashriah, “the black of all that is holy.”

The Royals wasted no time once they gained political power, starting a smear campaign against the Ceruleans. With no leader, the Indigos began believing the stories as truth. As they no longer had a leader to lead them in truth, they were easily brainwashed by the Royals. They quickly came to believe that Ceruleans were evil, and that to save the races it was necessary to exterminate our race.
To outright kill us would have been inhumane, they said, so instead they passed a series of laws that made it so our race would die out on its own in time. The first and foremost law being that No Ceruleans shall ever interact with another Cerulean, and if they break that law, it is punishable by death. This was the first law created, and it was spawned in hopes that our race would not procreate. I was still a child when this law was passed, so even before I knew about procreating, I knew I could not do it. Could you imagine growing up knowing you could never have children? Not because of any physical reason, but because a law forbid you to do so?

When The Great Restate, which is what the Royals and Indigos now called it, was passed, Cerulean children were banned from attending school, as part to enforce this new law. Children remained with their mother until they reached the age of 16, when they must set apart on their own “journey.” This was a nice way of saying you were exiled to at the least, three districts away. The men were all gathered up, shipped to Salwood, a long abandoned district. It is said they were left with enough supplies to last them a year, upon which time they would have created their own farms and way of sustaining life. I have heard rumors though, that the supplies would have lasted a third of the men for half a year, if they portioned it out just right, and scavenged by. They were never to leave Salwood for any reason, and live the rest of their years there. It was a battle to get them to remain, but after many casualities, the men relented. A 30 foot high, 10 foot wide brick wall was built around the district, forever keeping them in. No one comes out of Salwood, and no one goes in. So it’s a true mystery what ever happened in Salwood. Perhaps one day we will find out.

As an aide to enforce this new law, the Royal’s forced all Ceruleans who remained to wear the blue wristband-to denote Cerulean heritage- at all times. If ever any Cerulean was caught without it, any Royal or Indigo had the right to enforce capital law on the spot. It would be quite noticeable if one were not wearing the wristband, because after a little while, it began to stain the surrounding area a greenish/blue tint- which could not be rinsed off easily.

These laws had been around so long, I never even had to think whenever I was in public. It was a second nature to me. I hurried to pay for my groceries then left the marketplace. Although I never broke a law, it’s never good to stay in areas crowded with Indigos or Royals too long, as it is their word against me, and who would really ever know the truth? On that note, who would ever really care?

so...what did you think?